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Our product solutions help in maintaining your productivity and quality of the products. Soya Lecithin is derived from Non-GMO soya beans and is light cream in color. It consists of a mixture of phospholipid, glycolipid, neutral lipid and sugar. Soya Lecithin Powder is a great emulsifying agent which helps oil and water to stay together in food products. It is available in three forms that are liquid, powder and granules.

Promising Premium Quality

Doctors also prescribe Soy Lecithin Supplements as it leads to promising health benefits. It is almost used in every category of processed food, including protein powder, aerosol pan release, gravies, nutritional beverages, desserts, baked foods, chocolate, and fillings. There are many benefits of adding Soy Lecithin Granules to food, beauty and health industries. If you have a question that Is Soy Lecithin Vegan or not, then we would say it is vegan as it obtained from soya bean.

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We only aim to serve you the high-grade and quality ingredients. Gujarat Enterprise continually strives to remain at the forefront of technology to provide new solutions for your unmet needs.  So if you are looking for the Soy Lecithin Suppliers in India, turn to us. We are serving the food industry through the passion of our people, innovative solutions through ingredients and commitment to our customers’ success. Our solutions help our customers in rendering an exceptional experience to their consumers. For more product information feel free to reach out to us.

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