What’s the use of Locust Bean Gum?

Locust Bean Gum is used for moisture control and viscosity in food products. Its thickening properties make it an effective viscosity adjuster and when combined with other hydrocolloids, it also becomes a stabilizer. It is also known as the ideal stabilizer for ice cream because it is tasteless and resistant to heat shock effect. Other uses of Locust Bean Gum are in the bakery, water jellies, dressings, and juices.

What is Locust Bean Gum?

Locust Bean Gum is a texturizing ingredient derived from nature obtained from the seed of Carob (Ceratonia Siliqua) tree. The food industry has made extensive use of Locust Bean Gum and the ability to produce a highly viscous solution at very low concentration.

From where to buy Locust Bean Gum?

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