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Innovation is the mother of revolutions. It has been a universal truth regardless of industry. Every organization, large or small, strives to establish a turbulent innovation or R&D center to bring out new trends, products, and processes. It’s due to these units that we see next-gen developments occurring around us.

The food processing sector is an ever-changing landscape. Innovation, development, and upscaling are the only constants in the dimension. These attributes are essential to meet consumer expectations and massive hunger demands worldwide. So, the industry-standard emphasizes housing an erupting innovation center at food processing units.

Apart from improving the existing food processing practices, an innovation center can be a significant aspect in increasing the technology implementation in processes. It can help reduce manual intervention and errors occurring due to unattended loopholes. Overall, an innovation center can make the entire process more excellent than anyone would have imagined.

Gujarat Enterprise believes in continuous innovation to improve existing processing methods and upscaling the capabilities for enhanced workflow. So, we take pride in showcasing our state-of-the-art and excellent innovation center. It is an abode to new processing methods exclusively tailored to meet customer expectations and increasing demands.

We have been pioneers in surfacing concrete research-driven food processing methods and pushing product development to all-new heights. Our technical specialists-led innovation center brings out the right product blend with desired qualities to meet customer demands. Besides matching your expectations, we walk extra miles to further improve our processes and produce better items for mankind.

Numerous skilled researchers and technologists back the undergoing operations in our excellent innovation center. The powerhouse of our processing hub has already generated various cutting-edge trends and is pushing the wheels to spring more in the future.

Let’s make you more familiar with the food processing innovation center at Gujarat Enterprise.

A deep dive into the salient features of the innovation center at GE

The innovation center at Gujarat Enterprise has been a classic example for other stakeholders in the processing industry. Our pilot facility and gold-standard labs are the optimum parameters for process innovation to begin.

Here are the salient features of the modern and excellent innovation center at GE.

  • Our innovation center has numerous technology specialists to investigate and lead product development processes.
  • The GE innovation team drives innovations to match customer needs and deliver advanced solutions.
  • We believe in fostering technology innovation and upgrading the existing processes using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Our experts assist you across all phases of product development, from requirement specifications to delivering products having the desired nutritional profile.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers.
  • Our team identifies your problems and troubleshoots them with optimal technology amalgamation
  • Our innovation center is the backbone of product formulation and process optimization.
  • Dairy and food product research is our specialty.
  • We formulate cost-effective solutions creating benchmarks in the industry.
  • We identify flawed processes and improve them to develop excellent products based on your requirements.
  • Nutrition, texture, and taste-based research begins from our innovation hub.
  • We develop excellent and research-driven emulsifier stabilizer systems for sensory and processing demands.

These salient features promote us to become what we are today. Our innovation team envisions solving all challenges in the processing dimension. Furthermore, it’s our mission to meet your requirements with minimum costs and high-end research. At our R & D hub, we focus on the continuous study of nutritions, textures, and flavors of various food products and determining the characteristics of resultants upon intermixing these entities.

The reports generated through such a consistent process help us formulate the best products matching your demands and fitting your wallet.

In-focus products in the GE innovation center

The GE innovation center focuses on researching several edible items and processing techniques to surface better products and more developed entities continuously. Our team focuses on a few products and investigates all aspects to check your list of texture,  taste, and nutritional requirements. The main motive of our innovation center is to simplify the process with enhanced techniques and technology implementation. So, it will help us to match your demands in the shortest turnaround times. All these factors and processes apply to the following products.

1. Dairy

The innovation center at GE drives the development of an emulsifier-stabilizer system for various dairy items like Greek Yogurt, Flavored Milk, Buttermilk, Thermised Yogurt, Milkshake, Lassi, etc.  Our team brings new development and process enhancement to the table. Also, we support you at all phases of customized product development. We believe in sampling and trials before processing the entire requirement. So, we house lab-scale sterilizers and UHT pilot plants to process dairy prototypes and samples for your optimum satisfaction.

We put an extra leg to ensure optimum quality control and physical, chemical, and microbial analysis of your desired product during the ultimate phases. We spend considerable time in our research center to derive optimum solutions, perfect blends, and gold standard formulations to deliver better than expected dairy products to our patrons.

2. Icecream

Like dairy products, we prioritize the innovation and development of high-end emulsifiers and stabilizer blends to check ice cream quality without exceeding your budget. Our specialty is the customized approach each of us follows. We work by analyzing your requirements and the demanded nutritional profiles and deliver a tailor-made solution rather than a generalized formulation.

Our innovation center brings various emulsifier-stabilizer blends for various ice cream varieties. Our specialists analyze the ice cream characteristics and derive the best-fit system to achieve high quality at affordable price points. We conduct large-scale trials at our fully equipped application lab and small-scale pilot plant developed only for ice cream processing. Also, our team utilizes the innovation center to establish the efficiency and value of emulsifier-stabilizer systems according to the ice cream varieties.

The excellent and highly-transparent innovation workflows help us in bringing the patrons in close contact with the brewing products. Furthermore, ample communication and consistent updates keep the customers aware of whether we are keeping the demands on the frontline or not.

4. Bakery

The innovation center at Gujarat Enterprises is the breeding ground for rendering tailor-made and demanded ingredients to process required bakery solutions. The technology specialist and state-of-the-art equipment help us improve the existing products and enhance the processing techniques for better bakery outcomes. We specialize in formulating new and innovative Bakery blends and establishing modern solutions creating benchmarks in the industry.

Moreover, we prioritize quality control for the evolving collection of bakery solutions, including cookies, biscuits, bread, cake, pastries, wafers, crackers, and other products. Ensuring the best quality to our customers satisfies the entire GE workforce.

5. Jelly

Milk and water-based jellies are subject to extensive research in our innovation center. We work 24*7 to formulate best-fit solutions matching your requirements. Furthermore, we deliver exclusively tailored solutions by minimizing your budget without compromising on process quality.

Our Research Team works to enhance the jelly characteristics like strength, transparency, gel, water retention, and toughness. We enhance the jellies with customized hydrocolloid blends and thickeners to deliver better than expected solutions in the shortest time to market. We specialize in strengthening and enhancing the existing product lines with optimum innovation and consistent research.


At Gujarat Enterprise, we are eager to make the world aware of developed processed items and upscaled techniques through our round-the-clock running innovation center. We are committed to blending the right products and serving items with the exact nutritional profile you expect.

The innovative torch will never get extinguished at Gujarat Enterprises.

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