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The distilled monoglyceride is added to the food products to improve their texture, shelf life, and quality. Monoglycerides are a type of glyceride, which is obtained from glycerol and fatty acid. This is massively used for bakery products, ice cream, chewing gum, beverages, whipped toppings, shortening, margarine, and confections.

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We deliver the healthiest ingredients to magnify your quality of products. This category of emulsifier offers many solutions to the food industry for optimal product formulation and processing. These emulsifiers are mainly used in bakery, confectionery, processed food, frozen desserts, dairy, oils, fats, and plastics.

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Gujarat Enterprise provides the best raw ingredients to the food and beverage industry and is at the forefront of technology to offer new solutions for your unmet needs.  So if you are looking for the distilled monoglycerides suppliers in India, turn to us. We offer Distilled Monoglyceride at budget-friendly prices in a variety of packaging options as per the requirements. Our solutions help our customers in rendering an exceptional experience to their consumers. For more product information, feel free to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the benefits of Distilled Monoglyceride?

    • It improves the bread crumb softness and reduces staling rate, and imparts fine and stable water dispersion.
    • Promotes uniform crumb structure and a more significant volume in cakes.
    • Gives a more uniform, more fat globule size distribution resulting in an improved whitening effect in powdered coffee whitener. Due to stabilized emulsion, it improves the whitening effect in liquid coffee whitener as well.
    • It makes the production of granulated potato products easier.
    • Whipping gels makes the use of all in procedure possible.
    • Provides creamy texture, high filling temperature, short set time and good oil holding capacity.
  • 2. What are the applications of Distilled Monoglyceride?

    This is massively used for bakery products, ice cream, chewing gum, beverages, whipped toppings, shortening, margarine, bakery, processed food, frozen desserts, dairy, oils and confectionery.

  • 3. Where to buy Distilled Monoglyceride in India?

    To buy Distilled Monoglyceride in bulk in India, Contact Gujarat Enterprise, a leading food and beverage ingredients supplier and distributor. At Gujarat Enterprise, you get a high performing and cost-effective ingredient solution to fulfil all your requirements.

  • 4. Does Gujarat Enterprise take wholesale or bulk orders for food and beverage ingredients?

    Yes, they do accept wholesale or bulk orders for food and beverage ingredients in India. As one of the leading suppliers and distributors of food and beverage ingredients, Gujarat Enterprise caters to businesses of all sizes as per customers’ bespoke requirements.

  • 5. Where can I go for more information?

    To get more information reach our experts at +917435011188 or you can also get in touch at Feel free to contact us with your queries.

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