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Carrageenan is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries as a professional Carrageenan supplier, Gujarat Enterprise has been supplying Carrageenan for many decades. It is primarily utilized as a thermoreversible for thickening, gelling, and stabilizing agents in various applications, mainly in the food industry. Carrageenan gum is used in jellies as it has the best elasticity and off-water properties. Apart from jellies, it is also used in soft sweets, ice, and many more food products.

What is Carrageenan?

Carrageenans are polysaccharides with varying degrees of salvation. They are extracted from red seaweeds and are used as thermoreversible gelling agents and thickening agents. It has the ability to control syneresis. Also, this hydrocolloid is used as the binding agent and to improve the texture and mouthfeel of the products.

From where to buy Carrageenan?

Gujarat Enterprise is one-stop destination to buy quality carrageenan, we are one of the top Carrageenan suppliers in India. We are committed to catering to you the best quality and healthful ingredients. We know that our customers expect us to render the highest quality and healthiest ingredients. We surpass their expectations by giving them the best possible solutions through our specialty ingredients. To know more or to place a bulk order for your manufacturing requirements, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the applications of Carrageenan?

    It is mostly used in the dairy industry for Dairy Desserts (like gelled milk, flans, multi-layered desserts, mousses). Also, it is widely used to make Ice Cream in combination with guar gum, locust bean gum, and alginates. A few more application:

    Powder Products:

    • Dessert, Custard, and Bakery Creams
    • Homemade Flans
    • Water Gel Desserts, Glazings
    • Stabilization of Chocolate Drinks and Creams
  • 2. Where to buy Carrageenan in India?

    To buy Carrageenan in bulk in India, Contact Gujarat Enterprise, a leading ingredient supplier and distributor. At Gujarat Enterprise, you get a high performing and cost-effective ingredient solution to fulfill all your requirements.

  • 3. Does Gujarat Enterprise take wholesale or bulk orders?

    Yes, they do accept wholesale or bulk orders for food and beverage ingredients in India. As one of the leading suppliers and distributors of food and beverage ingredients, Gujarat Enterprise caters to businesses of all sizes as per customers’ bespoke requirements.

  • 4. Where can I go for more information?

    To get more information reach our experts at +917435011188 or you can also get in touch at dm@gujaratenterprise.co.in. Feel free to contact us with your queries.

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